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Signs Of Lactose Intolerance In Children


Lactose Intolerance

三月 02, 2020 By Kids Clinic 0

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Lactose Intolerance What is Lactose Intolerance? Lactose intolerance is a common digestive problem, in which the body is incapable of fully digesting lactose, a type of sugar found in milk and dairy products. Lactose intolerance is often confused with Cow’s Milk allergy as the 2 conditions share similar signs and symptoms. It is important to note they

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Identify And Prevent Childhood Food Allergy


Food Allergies in Children

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What Parents Should Know About Food Allergies in Children Food Allergies in Children Food allergies are immune system-driven undesired bodily reactions to specific food. Certain food allergies are more likely to be outgrown (such as cow’s milk and eggs), in contrast to certain food allergies (such as nuts or seafood) which are less likely to

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Cow's Milk Allergy


Cow’s Milk Allergy

二月 28, 2020 By Kids Clinic 0

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Cow’s Milk Allergy What is Cow’s Milk Allergy? Cow’s milk allergy or dairy allergy is commonly seen in infants, although it can be observed in children of all ages. It is caused when the immune system has an allergic reaction to the protein found in cow’s milk. Most children will usually outgrow this condition by

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