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Cardiac Murmur


What is a Cardiac Murmur?


As blood passes through the heart, it produces a thumping “lub-dub” sound. If there are any additional sounds, this is referred to as a cardiac murmur.

A cardiac murmur is a common occurrence – experts estimate that a murmur can be detected at some point in 90 percent of children between 4 and 7 with normally functioning hearts. It can either be caused when blood flows through a faulty heart valve or from a condition that increases the heartbeat rate, forcing the heart to compromise and handle more blood than usual.

Some babies are born with heart valve issues and in rare cases, cardiac murmurs may be associated with a damaged valve in the heart. However, in most cases, murmurs are considered harmless and do not require treatment.

What if My baby does not have an Innocent Cardiac Murmur?


Some babies may have a structural distortion in the heart and this requires medical attention as it may be a congenital heart defect. Your paediatrician will assess the child’s pulse, blood pressure and listen for clues to evaluate the murmur. Many structural defects are minor and not life-threatening as it does not affect the heart’s function. However in some cases treatment is required.

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