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Burns in Children: Tips on Prevention & First Aid

Almost every home has potential hazards for burns. With young children, there are even more hazards as they are naturally very curious. Therefore they would touch or grab items within their reach even if it might not be safe to do so. However, injuries like burns can easily be avoidable.

In addition to keeping a close eye on your children at all times, it is also important to ensure any item that could potentially cause burns are out of reach. In this article, Dr Dave Ong has listed out the common types of burns in children and precautions you can take to prevent these types of injuries from taking place. He also has a quick guide on how to administer first aid for burns.
Minor burns like this can be avoided by following simple precautions

Common Types of Burns in Children:

  • Electrical burns from poking electric outlets with fingers or small objects
  • Chemical burns from spilling cleaning agents like bleach on the skin
  • Scalding from hot liquids
  • Direct contact with flames on the stove or hot appliances like kettles and pots
Always make sure the handles of pots and pans are inwards to prevent burns

Top 10 Burn Prevention Tips

  1. When using hot appliances or utensils in the kitchen, ensure the handles are inwards and inaccessible to young children. Where possible, use the back of the stove
  2. Where possible use stove guards to prevent children from touching the hot stove
  3. If you need to prepare meals in the kitchen, try and have someone watch over your children
  4. Make sure that hot drinks and even food are out reach for young children
  5. Try not to use tablecloths especially when there is hot food as young children may tug on the tablecloth resulting in the hot food potentially spilling on them
  6. Household cleaning products should be stored away carefully where children cannot easily see or access them. If they are stored in cabinets, make sure the cabinets have child-proof locks on them
  7. After ironing clothes, the iron stays hot for up to 10 minutes even after it has been turned off. Ensure that the iron and its cord is out of reach of your children. Another useful tip is to cool it down quickly by using a wet towel and then storing it away safely
  8. If your electrical appliance has a long cord, ensure it is neatly tucked away and out of reach of your children
  9. If you have any damaged appliances, get rid of them promptly or keep them out of reach of your children
  10. Ensure that electric outlets are covered when not in use
Child-proof locks ensure young children cannot access household cleaning products
Electrical Point
Covering electric outlets ensures your children’s safety even if they attempt to touch it

First Aid for Burns in Children

If your child did accidentally burn themselves, do not panic. Follow this quick guide on how to administer basic first aid for burns. Do note that if your child is severely burned, call 995 immediately. If you are in doubt or not sure about administering first aid, it is best to seek medical attention.
First Aid for Treating Burns in Children
Quick guide on how to administer first aid for burns
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