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Febrile Seizures

What are Febrile Seizures (Fits)?

Febrile seizures or fits normally occur in children between 6 months to 6 years old. An episode may occur when a child has a high fever, especially when there is a quick spike in temperature. During a febrile seizure, jerking of limbs may be observed, along with up rolling of eyes and/or clenching of teeth. The child may also have a lack of voluntary control over his or her urination or bowel movements. A seizure episode usually lasts only for a few minutes, but some may last for up to 15 minutes. After a fit episode, the child will usually feel sleepy or lethargic.

Febrile Seizure
Febrile seizures or episodic fits may occur when a young child has a high fever.

What do I Do when My Child has a Fit?

  • Most importantly, do not panic if your child has a fit
  • Do not place any objects (e.g. metal spoon, fingers) into the child’s mouth as this may cause unnecessary harm to your child
  • Do not attempt to feed your child any oral medication during a fit
  • Turn your child on their side to prevent him or her from choking
  • Ensure there are no hard or sharp objects in the way as this may hurt your child during a fit
  • Bring down your child’s temperature by sponging or administering medication through the rectum (or as prescribed by your doctor)
  • Always bring your child to the doctor for a consult to ensure no other complications develop

How do I Prevent Another Fit?

If your child is running a fever, monitor their temperature closely (every 2 to 4 hours), serve their medication regularly and sponge them to keep the temperature below 38.5 degrees Celsius. If your child has had 2 to 3 previous episodes of seizures, your doctor may prescribe a rectal medication as a standby.

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