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Girl Using Toilet Paper Due to Urinary Tract Infection

Common Childhood Conditions

Urinary Tract Infection

March 02, 2020 By Kids Clinic 0

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UTI in Children What Causes Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in My Child? Urinary Tract Infections are usually caused by bacteria, which infect the urinary tract. An infection can occur anywhere along the urinary tract, but the lower part – the urethra and bladder – is most commonly involved. This is called cystitis. If the infection

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Baby Having A High Fever

Common Childhood Conditions


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Fever Fever in Children Running a fever is the body’s natural response when fighting an infection. It is a presenting symptom that turns on the body’s immune system, rather than a disease. A fever temperature ranging between 37.5 to 40 degrees Celsius is not necessarily harmful. In general, the height of the temperature does not

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Febrile Seizure

Common Childhood Conditions

Febrile Seizures

February 28, 2020 By Kids Clinic 0

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Febrile Seizures What are Febrile Seizures (Fits)? Febrile seizures or fits normally occur in children between 6 months to 6 years old. An episode may occur when a child has a high fever, especially when there is a quick spike in temperature. During a febrile seizure, jerking of limbs may be observed, along with up

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