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Your Activity Guide To A Fun And Meaningful June Holiday!

Contributed by: Kids Clinic

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Happy holidays little ones! In a blink of an eye, June holidays have arrived and school’s out! Nevertheless, we should try to stay at home in light of the current Covid-19 situation where community transmission is evident. Dearest parents, are you feeling stressed as to how you can keep your child occupied during the holidays? Good news! We have specially curated a list of activities for your children to participate in and enjoy even while they are at home. Staying at home can be just as fun as going out!

1. Sensory Activities

Sensory activities are not only fun for children to engage in, but they also play a vital role in a child’s development. Engaging children with sensory activities introduces them to different objects and you could also take the chance to share new vocabulary. There are many various sensory activities and these following shops offer a variety of activities that are suitable for children of different ages.

  • Messy Fingers (

    (Source: Messy Fingers Website & Instagram)

    Messy Fingers offers sensory activities such as dough and water beads which come in different scents, colours and themes. Their unique themes make Messy Fingers stand out from the crowd. We really like the various themes that they offer but two of the dough kits that caught my attention include the Oishii Sushi and Unicorn Dough Kit. How cool can this get? We wished there were such dough kits when we were younger! To top it off, their doughs are made with natural ingredients which are safe for children to play with.

  • My Messy Box (@mymessybox)

    (Source: My Messy Box Website)

    My Messy Box offers a wide variety of sensory activities for your little ones to engage in. They have specially curated different activities for the different age groups which are available for both monthly subscription and ala carte purchase. Each box has its own theme and is very comprehensive. It contains 3 – 4 activities and comes along with materials, instructions and additional resources. Parents and children can dive straight into the activities and start having fun once they have received their box!

2. Art, Music & Dance

Doing arts and crafts can help to improve a child’s dexterity as they use their little hands and art equipments to do various arts and crafts activities such as painting or colouring. The process of drawing and crafting also helps to stimulate a child’s creativity as they create their masterpieces based on their imagination. Engaging in arts and crafts is also a great way to help your child relax and experiment playing around with the different colours and objects.
  • Busy Mats (@busymatsg)

    (Source: Busy Mats Website)

    Busy Mats offers really cool mats with different themes and designs for children to colour on. They have a long list of different interesting themes and are not limited to the usual shapes and fruits. Space, Under the Sea and Carnival are some of the really unique themes that we would really love to get our hands onto. Best of all, their mats are environmentally friendly as you can simply reuse them after cleaning the ink off. With these reusable mats, your child can get to enjoy all the colouring that they would love to have!

  • Music & Dance

    Exposing children to music and dance has multiple benefits for them. It helps develop a child’s listening capabilities as they are introduced to the sounds produced by different instruments and also develops their appreciation for music. Playing musical instruments and dancing also contributes to the development of a child’s muscular coordination and concentration. Additionally, engaging in music and dancing is a great way for children to express themselves and make new friends at the same time!

3. Baking & Cooking

Baking with your child is a great bonding activity. Through the process, your child can get the opportunity to get their hands on the different ingredients and experience making the food they love with you. Children will also be exposed to the concept of numbers as they take measurements for the amount of ingredients that is required. This is an educational and interactive way which makes the process of learning numbers fun for children. Check out these two websites where you can attend lessons with your children!
Baking and cooking activities with kids to promote family bonding
  • Susanne Deco Chiffon Cakes (@susanne.decochiffon)

    (Source: Susanne Deco Chiffon Cakes Website)

    Susanne, who is the owner of Deco Chiffon Cakes has over 8 years of experience with Chiffon Cakes. Her chiffon cakes are not the usual round cakes that we often see at stores but instead, they look really adorable and attention grabbing. Susanne Deco Chiffon Cakes is currently offering online lessons where you can make Sanrio themed chiffon cakes with your child. Some of the unique creations that she offers include “My Melody Sweet Chiffon” and “Hello Kitty Donut Chiffon”. Doesn’t it already sound exciting just by listening to their names? Head over to her website to find out more about the different online lessons that she is offering!
  • The Little Things (

    The Little Things is a cooking and baking school which offers baking kits for different recipes. Baking and cooking are made a lot easier with their baking kits as it comes with a full set of instructions and most of the ingredients that you would require. Their recipes really caught our eyes as they not only have our all time favourite cookies, but also recipes for traditional delights such as Kueh and ManTou. Isn’t this such an awesome opportunity to introduce your little ones to these traditional delights? Apart from baking kits, the school also organizes other exciting activities such as virtual bake off and workshops. Check out The Little Things to learn more about what they offer!

4. Virtual Events

In light of the current Covid-19 situation, there has been a rise in the number of virtual events which are available for everyone to participate. Apart from hands-on activities, you can also participate in educational and interactive activities with your child.
A family sitting in the living room while participating in educational and interactive virtual activities
  • Adventure with Smiley by POSB

    This is a virtual event on financial literacy for children between the ages of 4 to 8. Through the programme, children would be exposed to different concepts such as money and savings. Being equipped with financial literacy would definitely be important for a child. Let your child start learning more about finances in a fun and engaging way by participating in this event. Head over to (Flying Cape) to secure a slot for your child!
  • Meet the Animals from The Wildlife Reserve

    (Source: Wildlife Reserves Singapore Website)

    Wildlife Reserve Singapore is now online and you can meet the animals at the comfort of your homes via Zoom. There are different sessions which allow both you and your child to meet and learn more about the different animals. Each session runs for about 20 minutes and is priced from $10. This is a perfect bonding activity for your family to enjoy together! Head over to Wildlife Reserves Singapore for more information and to reserve your slots!

5. Going Outdoors For Exercise!

Apart from the various activities that you want to explore with your child indoors, do remember to continue exercising daily to keep you and your child fit. While it is advisable to stay at home and avoid crowded places, going outdoors to exercise is still encouraged. Vitamin D from the sunlight and fresh air aids in boosting immunity. You can try out different exercises with your child such as skipping, cycling and jogging to keep your child excited for exercise time! Start your family’s journey towards a healthy lifestyle today!
Fun outdoor bike riding activities for kids to encourage family bonding
Have a memorable June holiday as you bond with your child over these exciting activities. Most importantly, remember to continue practicing good hygiene habits, eat healthily and stay safe. The days are long but years are short. In a blink of an eye, your little one will transform into a teenager. Treasure the time with your child and make the most out of it! Start creating beautiful memories with them today!

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